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Bring engaging, high quality meetings to your meeting spaces with next generation Skype Room System v2 collaboration solution and OneConnectServices!

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A successful formula of optimally defined services transform any space into a Skype meeting place with OneConnectServices for Skype Room Systems v2!


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New Skype Room System v2 conferencing solutions with OneConnectServices let your team join, see, hear, and participate like you’re all in one place!

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OneConnectServices for Logitech® SmartDock

Your individual needs, your operational procedures, and your core business in focus with enterprise conferencing to offer you a unified service rather than a jigsaw solution.

Envision the transformation of your business communications with ASSESS. Go beyond just your IT infrastructure to determine your overall readiness for new-age collaboration and productivity tools and build a roadmap for a healthy, successful deployment and maintenance strategy!


Comfortably navigate the transformation of your business communications with DEPLOY. Eliminate the obstacles of an ad hoc installation with a clean and streamlined integration that aligns with your organizational and user adoption goals as well as technology best-practices.


Protect your investments with MAINTAIN. A global team of support engineers help you manage your conferencing environments and maximize uptimes around the world. Individually scalable packages, best-in-class SLAs in a cost-savvy model turn your collaboration goals into reality.

Assess: An Enterprise Conferencing No-Brainer

ASSESS OneConnectServices determines the overall readiness of your environment against recommended best practices. Our assessment service may test hundreds of possible failure points depending on the complexity of your infrastructure. A dedicated OneConnectServices solutions engineer from a global team of experts will plan the engagement, perform the assessment and consolidate actions for optimization. In short, the Assess service is an enterprise conferencing no-brainer to help you build a roadmap for a successful deployment and maintenance strategy!

Deploy: A Streamlined Approach to Reach Your Goals

Deploying a Logitech® SmartDock conferencing solution with Microsoft® Skype® Room System requires a proper framework to ensure a smooth integration into your IT infrastructure. DEPLOY OneConnectServices ensures a sustainable implementation tailored to your business processes, organizational and user adoption goals offering careful planning and dedicated execution of a Logitech SmartDock integration with Microsoft® Skype® for Business and Skype® Room System technology in a variety of deployment scenarios (on-premise, cloud, hybrid).

Maintain: A Power Boost for Your Communications

The secret ingredient to ensuring Logitech® SmartDock is your best communications companion is MAINTAIN OneConnectServices. Protect your investments with a sustainable management and maintenance strategy, best-in-class SLAs and advanced hardware replacement. Our maintenance service is uniquely designed to offer you individually scalable support options in a cost-effective model. Turn your collaboration goals into reality with a global team of support engineers that help you manage your conferencing environments around the world.

Introducing Logitech® SmartDock

Enjoy the new way of communication!

Why choose our Premium Services?

Logitech SmartDock
  • Cost Savings

    •  Improved ROI with streamlined installation and optimized environment

      Cost-savvy, lean IT operations without compromising security and agility

      Higher ROI through improved user adoption and increased productivity

  • Best-in-Class SLAs

    24/7/365 Premium Support with best-in-class SLAs - worldwide

    Direct touch with global network of Microsoft® certified support engineers

    Uniquely designed, consumption-based support packages

  • Increased Productivity

    High-quality conferencing experience with maximum uptime

    Maximized SmartDock investments - simplified IT operations & technology

  • Enhanced User Satisfaction

     Stay on track with your goals with best-practice approach and smooth integration

     Get faster user adoption rates with a more consistent user experience